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SOA generally provides a way for consumers of services, such as web-based applications, to be aware of available SOA-based services. For example, several disparate departments within a company may develop and deploy SOA services in different implementation languages; their respective clients will benefit from a well-defined interface to access them. XML is often used for interfacing with SOA services, though this is not required. JSON is also becoming increasingly common.


Come into our office and tell us what you need.  We can build you just about any hose and regulator combination you need. We have a wide variety of fittings.  Our custom hoses are sold by the linear foot plus the hose ends.



We are licensed to recertify tanks.  Every portable cylinder must be recertified 12 years after the date of manufacturing, and every 5 years thereafter.  Cylinders that are 10 gallons or less, (40 pounds or less), are required, as of 2002 law, to be updated with a new overfill prevention device, (OPD).


We are licensed to work on your RV propane system.  We only work on the tank valves and minimal leak issues on the outer part of your vehicle.  For more in depth problems, we will refer you to an RV dealer.  We install vent free radiant heaters by appointment.