Propane Services In Spanish Fork & Springville, Utah | Freeway Propane
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Our Service

We take pride in our customer service.  Our goal is to give you a great experience in a safe and timely manner.

Service work

We deliver tanks and install propane service, perform gas checks and line repairs, as well as appliance conversions.  Our main service technician is Steve Harrison.  He has been employed with us for over 26 years and has a good working knowledge of propane.  He knows a lot more than your average technician and enjoys interacting with customers along with his career choice here at Freeway Propane.



Tanks sizes range from 120, 250, 320, 500, and 1000 gallons. Rent ranges from $15 to $50 per month or $70 & up per year. These tanks are delivered to your home, cabin, or shop, set and connected to your building by one of our licensed professional service men.



We sell new & used tanks, call for sizes & pricing.


Propane Delivery

We deliver regularly to all of our service areas. The best way for us to serve you is for you to regularly check the gauge on your tank and when it reads 30% to call us and request a fill.

All of our drivers are licensed with the Federal government and also with the State of Utah to deliver propane.  They are trained to look for any potential problems with your tank, if they find something wrong they will advise you or have someone from our office call and talk with you. They are also happy to answer any questions regarding your system.

The State of Utah regularly inspects and tests our meters to make sure they are in compliance with all state and federal laws.

When we deliver to you we can leave a metered ticket with the date, time, and gallons dispensed, along with the percentage your tank was on when we started pumping and when we ended pumping. If you ever have any questions regarding your bill please call our office.


Custom hoses

Come into our office and tell us what you need (photos are helpful). We can build you just about any hose and regulator combination you need. We have a wide variety of fittings. Our custom hoses are sold by the linear foot plus the hose ends.


Tank recertification

We are licensed to recertify tanks. Every portable cylinder must be recertified 12 years after the date of manufacturing, and every 5 years thereafter. Cylinders that are 10 gallons or less, (40 pounds or less), are required, as of 2002 law, to be updated with a new overfill prevention device, (OPD).

Tanks on wheels

Tanks on Wheels

Tank on wheels rental starts at just $1.00 per day plus propane.  These tanks require a two inch ball and are perfect to pull onto construction sites for temporary heat or great for ditch burning in the spring.  They are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Tank are not to be hauled over 55 mph.